Convergence – Commonwealth Center for Cloud Computing - November 10, 2021

Join us to learn more about the Commonwealth Configurable Cloud Computing Platform (C4), a tech sandbox for faculty, students and public and private sector partners. Industry experts will provide insight into the latest technologies and applications associated with highly advanced, multi-tenant hybrid cloud systems.

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Building a secure multi-tenant, private hybrid cloud system for applications development.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has earmarked funds to build C4 and is working with public and private sector partners to collaborate and develop new applications, ground-breaking AI, large scale data analytics, and build comprehensive networking and next-gen hardware configurations. This private/hybrid composable cloud is HPC proven, virtualization capable, and secure.

C4 is focused on pushing Virginia’s Universities’ research capacity to the top in the Nation.

C4: the private/hybrid composable cloud, HPC proven, virtualization capable, secure foundations

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